WatzOn.TV Android – Workaround for Nexus devices


We noticed few of the nexus devices users are facing issue using WatzOn.TV android app on their device and are frequently facing crash.

We would like to share that the crash is caused in YouTube Player and is crashing WatzOn.TV app.

We have reported this issue to Google and are looking for fix or workaround code from them.

We found that if Latest version of YouTube player (5.3.xxx) is uninstalled and is set back to factory installed YouTube, WatzOn.TV android app works well on Nexus devices.

Below are detail steps on uninstalling YouTube Player.

Note: Latest version of YouTube is having issue, so you may have to degrade to get WatzOnTV working.

The procedure is straightforward and requires just a few taps.
Step : 1

Tap the “Menu” button and then tap “Settings” to open the settings management window on your Android Device.

Step : 2

After open Settings, tap on “Apps”.

Step : 3

After  open “Apps”, Scroll through the list of applications until you fine the “YouTube” app.

Tap the “YouTube” application to open the app’s information panel.

Step : 4

Now  tap on Big button “Uninstall updates”

Step : 5

Now,  when Android ask permission about to Uninstall Updates, click “OK”. Your android initiates the automated uninstall process.

Step : 6

“YouTube” uninstaller may ask permission for replace “YouTube” app replace the app with Factory version. Click “OK”.

Step : 7

Finally,  You can see YouTube Uninstall finished message. Tap on “OK”.


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